About Me

I am from Vizag “The City Of Destiny” , growing up so close to the sea and surrounded by the eastern ghats, I used to often camp in the wild, scale the hills on weekends and summer holidays. These experiences with the wilderness have widened my cone of vision into nature.

I have worked and experimented with enamel, oil color, acrylic, water color, canvas, paper, walls, sculptures, spray paint in order to figure out my medium of expression.During my odyssey into art, street art has allured me the most. The sheer vibrancy of color and use of public spaces has magnetized me towards street art.

In my work on art expressions I have presented my views on issues like global warming, freedom, extinction of endangered species and current issues,which have made me ponder about the dominance of human race over nature and how we neglect conserving and preserving the natural resources.

The most shocking aspect of humans is how we can be so selfish that we do not save the resources for our own kith and kin.In my paintings I try to work with vibrant colors and with a tint of humour which i often refer them as Eye candy..

I always dreamt of being flooded with colors.My subject matter is nature, ecology and concern towards it. I may not depict synthetic way of expressions, but by keeping the concern toward nature. I play with colors,end of the day the outcome always satisfies me.